Taylor Mynard

Conveyancing Executive

01245 678031


Professional Background?
I was working as cabin crew when I left college but realised that was not for me, I came across a legal secretary role which I was over the moon to be offered. After working very hard to ensure I could learn what was needed I progressed to legal assistant and now conveyancing executive. Since then I have joined the New Homes Law team in 2022 and I am proud to be a member of the team. I am excited to progress my career further to meet clients expectations and obtain job satisfaction.

What is your greatest achievement at New Homes Law?
I would say my greatest achievement is joining New Homes Law at one of the busiest time of the year while learning their systems and meeting some really great people!

What is your greatest achievement outside of work?
My biggest achievement is buying a house and completely renovating it before moving in with a deadline of collecting my gorgeous Puppy Louis in October 2021. I am also proud to say that the airline that I was working with after college informed me I was the youngest member of cabin crew within the whole company!