Professional Background?
I studied Law at the University of East Anglia and graduated in 2018. I previously worked in law firms doing AML/Compliance work and now I am happy to venture into a new type of role as a Legal Assistant in the Post Completions team here at New Homes Law.

What is your greatest achievement at New Homes Law?
I am surrounded by very hardworking, dedicated, and excellent colleagues who give their 100% commitment to their jobs every day, and who also love the work that they do. I have only joined the company recently with no background in the post completions process, but I am proud to be able to pick things up quickly and I am hoping to contribute more to the team by working hard and assimilating the company’s values such as striving for excellence and translating these into producing quality work for our clients.

What is your greatest achievement outside of work?
Leaving my comfort zone and moving to the UK in 2014 which is thousands of miles away from my home, the Philippines. I managed to adjust to the culture, education system, and other barriers that came with the biggest decision I have ever made in life – now I am very happy to be working and living here in the UK.